Mission Statement

Every kid likes to draw, but as we get older that we start to lose that drive to create. People tell us that our ambitions are silly, and that we should move on to more "practical" prospects. But what if we didn't? What if we pursued the dreams of that inner child? I created Odd!ty to show the world that you don't have to lose the creative rawness of your formative years, but can channel it into something more. Odd!ty is the embodiment of an idea larger than any one person who may be defined by the characteristics dealt to them. Odd!ty represents the idea that the people who wouldn’t be heard could be heard. The kids who sat alone at the lunch table, the kids who got laughed at, the kids who never got an invitation to the party, and the kids who were always last to be picked will not just change the world, but will inherit it. The creativity in your mind is more vibrant than all the colors ever seen, louder than every song ever written played at once, and can even go above numbers that don’t even exist. Everyone, even you, has the capacity to create something larger than life; something that can last far longer than the body in which you breathe. If you can create something that will live longer than you, it will be real as you.